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Arnold Eagle: One-Third of a Nation
Kitchen Interior: Father and Baby with Mother Ironing
Boys Climbing the Fire Escape of a Deserted Building
Little Girl with Doll and Tricycle and front of a Shabby Exterior
Boys On Apartment Stoop, Harlem.
Street Scene, 133rd Street between Lenox and Fifth Avenues.
G & C Food Market, Lenox Fruit and Vegetable Market.
Children in front of the Jersey Pork Store, Harlem.
Sid Grossman: Harlem
Colonial Park Pool below Sugar Hill.
P.S. 194 under Construction.
134th Street and Fifth Avenue.
Colonial Park Swimming Pool, Harlem.
Street Scene Outside Daniel's Bar and Grill.
8th Avenue and 144th Street.
Children on a Harlem Doorstep.
Child Standing at the Edge of Colonial Park Swimming Pool.
Harlem Dance Band, "Big Jack -E.H. on Drums".
Young Boys with a Baby Carriage
Playground In Vacant Lots, Harlem.
Two Sailors in the Doorway of a Restaurant, 7th Ave.
Andrew Herman: Coney Island
Distorting Mirror at Steeplechase 2.
Steeplechase -- People on the Beach.
Steeplechase Circus Aerial Act, Coney Island.
Nathan's Hot Dog Stand, Coney Island.
Baby on the Boardwalk, Coney Island.
Shooting Gallery, Slot Machine Game.
Interior of the First Avenue & 10th Street Market.
Fulton Street Market: Icing Fish 1.
Exterior of the Fulton Fish Market.
Sol Libsohn: Food in New York
Penn R.R Park: Bidding at a Fruit Auction.
Department of Health Laboratories, Flasks.
Bidding at a Fruit Auction on Penn R.R. Pier 6.
Fulton Fish Market: Captain and Dealer.
Fulton Fish Market, Man with Wheel Barrow.
Penn Diner, Typical Diner of the 30s
Fulton Street Market: Unloading Mussels 2.
Fulton Street Market: Herring Barrel.
First Avenue Retail Market (Exterior)
Live Sheep in Pennsylvania Railroad -- Pier 78.
David Robbins: Along the Waterfront
Waterfront. [Yamato Food Shop under the El.]
Waterfront. [Man a holding a bottle of denatured alcohol marked "Poison".]
Waterfront. [Street lined with warehouses and trucks.]
Waterfront. [Cart on a narrow street.]
Waterfront [Barrels lining a sidelwalk.]
Waterfront. [Storefronts with broadsides.]
Waterfront [Rope fastened to a cleat.]
Waterfront. [Under elevated railway tracks.]
Waterfront. [Man with a mast in the background.]
Waterfront. [Watchmaker's storefront.]