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Grand Street Settlement House, Shop Crafts: Boat Shaping.
People's Baths, Milbank Memorial.
[Portrait of abused girl after being cared for by the SPCC.]
New York Association for the Blind, Two Children at Table.
[Sketch of a woman with two children]
Org. Charity, Childrens Aid Society.
Old Man and Young Child
Children in Gotham Court "Sewing school at the agent's".
Paddling--Coney Island.
The Ponies, Coney Island, N. Y.
Palisades Amusement Park [Girl eating an ice cream cone.]
Schools, Free Industrial School.
[Children playing by the Maine Monument.]
Christian Herald Children's Home.
The Attack on the "Home Guard."
Schools, Public School Roof on Clinton Street.
Clothes of Schoolchildren [Boy holding a jacket.]
Interior, 115 E. 101st St., Childrens' Sunday School Class.
Schools, Montessori.
Cooling Off Under a W.P.A. Constructed Spray Shower.
Clothes of Schoolchildren [Girl wearing a hat.]
Safe from the Cop in West Side playground.
The Lighthouse, Eye Test for Child Suspected of Going Blind.
Children at the bear's pit.
[Museum of the City of New York, view of second floor gallery looking south]
[Photograph of the Museum of the City of New York]
[Woman copying a painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art]
[American Museum of Natural History.]
Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, Gallery, interior.
[Metropolitan Museum on Art.]
Museums & Galleries
Whitney Museum of Modern Art. Gallery 4 to rear, 1.
RCA Building, Art Gallery. Sculpture Gallery stair case, side view.
Architectural League [exhibition] 1936. Shot putter.
Frick Gallery, 1 East 70th Street. Sharp view of court to pillars, 2.
Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences.
Frick Gallery, 1 East 70th Street. Oval Room, sharp side view.
[The Metropolitan Museum of Art.]
[Planetarium monster (Hayden species), Zeiss creation.]
[Hispanic Society of America.]
Mus'm. of Safety Appliances.
Metropolitan Museum, New York.
Art Gallery, 215 West 57th Street, Painting Exhibit.
Henry C. Frick Res., 5th Av. and 70th St.
[Benjamin Altman's private gallery.]
Schrafft's 912 Flatbush Ave. B'klyn, Interior, Lunch Room from Rear.
[Hotel Ritz-Carlton, N.Y.]
Russian Tea Room, 150 West 57th Street. Bar.
Stouffers Restaurant, 540 Fifth Avenue.
194-196 Broadway. Childs Restaurant.
[Table at the Rainbow Grill.]
Schrafft's, 61 Fifth Avenue.
Schrafft's 2131 B'way, Interior, Upstairs Dining Room East End.
[Irving's Malted Milk.]
Restaurants, Greek on 42nd Street.
Coffee Service [Man operating a large metal coffee maker inside a café.]
At the Samovar, 148 W. Fourth Street
Schrafft's, 386 Fulton Street, B'klyn, Interior, Candy Counter.
Vaughn Monroe [Monroe with a man and woman in a diner.]
Hotel Lorraine, Palm Room.
Betsy Von Furstenberg [Holding a cat in a restaurant.]
Restaurants, Thos. Healeys.
Walter Cartier, Prizefighter of Greenwich Village [Walter Cartier in a restaurant.]
Rocky Graziano, He's a Good Boy Now [Rocky Graziano and his family eating a meal.]