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The Burning of the Bowery Theatre on the Evening of the 25th of April, 1845.
J. Clarence Davies Collection
Valuable Real Estate Record, an Instance of Great Real Increase of Values in Property on Manhattan Island
Bird's-Eye View of the Great New York and Brooklyn Bridge and Grand Display of Fireworks on the Opening Night.
Vue Générale de New - York. [Aerial view of New York City.]
View of East River or Sound, taken from Riker's Island, with a Distant View of Joshua Waddington, Esq.
Arrivee du Paquetbot Transatlanitque [View of New York from the South East]
Quarantine, 1833 (tompkinsville, staten island)
New York City Hall, Park and Environs
Street Conversations [Two men talking.]
Street Conversations [Man adjusting his tie on the sidewalk.]
Street Conversations [Two men talking on the street.]
Street Conversations [Three women talking on the street.]
Street Conversations [Three women talking on the street.]
Park Benches - Love is Everywhere [Couple kissing in a stairway.]
Stanley Kubrick
Park Benches - Love is Everywhere [Couple flirting on a fire escape.]
Park Benches - Love is Everywhere [Couple kissing in an alleyway.]
Columbia University [Professor working with bright light.]
Columbia University [Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower.]
Columbia University [Students hugging.]
Columbia University [Students in a bar.]
Columbia University [Students swimming.]
Columbia University [Students drawing a nude in art class.]
Columbia University [Students looking at a compression testing machine.]
Columbia University [Andy Coakley, baseball coach, with players in the background.]
Columbia University [Dwight Eisenhower.]
Columbia University [Three men in an industrial space.]
Columbia University [Woman carrying a large stack of books down stairs.]
Columbia University [Student carrying a stack of books down stairs.]
Columbia University [David Anderson, Columbia psychology lecturer, tries a simple experiment with a rat to teach it to pull a chain and get food.]
Columbia University [Mass examination.]
Columbia University [Three men in an industrial space.]
Shoe Shine Boy [Mickey bringing laundry to the laudromat.]
Shoe Shine Boy [Mickey bringing laundry to the laudromat.]
Shoe Shine Boy [Boy shining Mickey's shoes.]
34-01 38th Avenue. Pierce Arrow Building
350 Fifth Avenue. Empire State Building, view of from Lincoln Building, East 42nd Street
550 West 155th Street. Chapel of the Intercession. Interior
60 Wall Street. Cities Service tower. Elevator girl looking out of window at view
Wurts Bros.
New York Worlds Fair. Perisphere and Trylon steel frame
15 Vanderbilt Avenue. Credit Clearing House [Office of John W. Campbell.]
12 East 86th Street. Hotel Croydon. Interior, bar and lounge
24 East 42nd Street. Sheffield Farms Milk Bar
[Interior, engine room.]
Interior, shoe factory with man at machine
[Interior, typesetting room.]
1 West 54th Street. University Club. Interior, library
Long Island City. Con Edison. Interior, furnaces
Fulton Street and Broadway. Street view looking west
[Vaulted space under the Manhattan approach to the Queensboro Bridge.]
[Two boys playing cards on the sidewalk.]
[Interior, view down colonnade.]
West 34th Street and Fifth Avenue. Empire State Building with church spire in foreground
West 32nd Street. Church of St. Francis of Assisi. Garden entrance
West 32nd Street and Sixth Avenue. Dismantling of the Sixth Avenue elevated train tracks
[George Washington Bridge.]
[Interior of Grand Central Station.]
[Columns of Pennsylvania Station.]
[Interior of Grand Central Station.]
[Aftermath of a snowstorm.]
Broadway and Thomas Street
General View from Penthouse, 56 Seventh Avenue
Gunsmith and Police Department Headquarters
Willow Place, nos. 43-49
Mulberry and Prince Streets
Cathedral Parkway, no. 542
Berenice Abbott
Cedar Street from William Street
Fifth Avenue, nos. 4, 6, 8
Manhattan Bridge, Looking Up
Rockefeller Center with Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas
Columbia Heights, no. 222
Milkwagon and Old Houses
Twentieth Street between Second and First Avenues
Brooklyn Bridge, Water and New Dock Streets
George Washington Bridge I
[Midtown skyline from Brooklyn]
Vista under elevated railroad at Coenties Slip
Samuel H. Gottscho
Midtown Through Mist from Queensboro Bridge
Fifth Avenue Buildings and Lake, Central Park
Financial District over Barges at Pier 6 - East River
Financial District from Pier 6 East River
Times Square at Forty-Fourth Street.
From foot of 32nd Street, East River, to Chrysler -- Barge in foreground
From Chrysler Building looking South
From Chrysler Building Daily News Building East River
Financial District from Pier 11
Looking Down 5th Avenue at 63rd Street
Lower Manhattan from Governors Island
59th Street Buildings over Fountain in Central Park
Trylon and Perisphere at the 1939 New York World's Fair
[Central Park Lake to Central Park West]
The Old and the new from Battery Park
From Battery Park to West St. Buildings
Looking Northwest from Terrace of St. Moritz Hotel
59th St. Hotels reflected in Park Lake I