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New York at its Core
Van Nieuw Engelandt. t' Fort nieuw Amsterdam op de Manhatans
Deed between Asser Levy and Jacob Young
Bowne House, Erected 1655 Flushing L.I.
Account book of Peter Elting (Petrus Eltinge)
Reverend Gershom Mendes Seixas
A Plan of the City and Environs of New York as they were in the years 1742, 1743 and 1744. Drawn by D.G. in the 76th year of his age who had at this time a perfect & correct recollection of every part
[Aerial view of Lower Manhattan.]
A South Prospect of Ye Flourishing City of New-York in the Province of New York, North America
Hudson River Looking South from Mt. St. Vincent.
Purchase of Manhattan Island from the Indians
Nieuw Amsterdam ofte Nue Nieuw Iorx opt ' Teylant man
The Castello Plan. New Amsterdam in 1660.
Stadthuys of New York in 1679.
Coenties Slip [Central Park West to Coenties Slip]
Parks, City Hall and Buildings.
Wall Street [Wall Street]
View From McGown's Pass
View of the House in New Utrecht L.I. in which Gen. Nathaniel Woodhull died of his wounds in 1776.
A View of Fort George with the City of New York from the Southwest
Pulling Down the Statue of George III by "The Sons of Freedom".
New-York from Fulton Ferry, Brooklyn
[Ships at dock, with Brooklyn Bridge in background.]
Junction of the Bowery and Broadway 1828
This Map of the City of New York and Island of New York as laid out by the Commissioners appointed to the Legislature
A Frontier Settlement.
Panoramic View of New York
Bird's-Eye View of the City of New York
The Governor's Son ["Nothing New Beneath the Sun".]
"The Little Millionaire" - Act I [Shortened version.]
"The Man Who Owns Broadway" - Act II
George M. Cohan Collection
Trombone orchestration for "The Talk of New York"
First cornet orchestration for "Little Johnny Jones"
Second violin orchestration for "Little Johnny Jones"
Flute orchestration for "Little Johnny Jones"
Orchestration for "That's Some Love"
"Broadway Jones" - Revision of Act IV
Orchestration for "The Yankee Prince"
Orchestration for "The Man Who Owns Broadway"
Songs in "The Cohan Revue of 1918"
Charlie [Actor's sides for either "The Cohan Revue of 1916" or "The Cohan Revue of 1918".]
New York in the Summertime [Starlight Roof.]
John Vachon for LOOK magazine
City Hall, Wall St. N.Y.
Launching of the Municipal Ferryboat "Melrose"
Clionian Society. Eighteenth Anniversary.
Curious Complication of Names, Taken from the New York Directory
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 50 Year Club
[To meet the Venerable Archdeacon Farrar, D.D.]
Commemorating the 250th Anniversary of the Founding of the Board of Aldermen, 1665
I Own a Liberty Bond;
Victory Liberty Loan Industrial Division $200 Service Club;
Official United War Work Campaign;
The Ceremony of Breaking Ground for the Triborough Bridge
Sal Albanese Democrat for Mayor
Actors Fund New York
A. Smith - Elocution
The State of New York. Centennial Opening of the Original Erie Canal
Frank P. Basset, Wholesale Dealer in Produce
To commemorate the first scheduled passenger flight into the World's greatest airport, New York's La Guardia Field
Bartholdi Statue Liberty Enlightening the World
Sermon by the Right Rev. William T. Manning, D.D. Bishop of New York at the Opening of the Entire Length of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine
Sixth Annual Ball of the Lexington Association
[Dinner with Mr. D. S. Jones.]
[Wedding of Nellie Elizabeth Curran and Joseph Stephen Kery, Jr.]
The Metropolitan Telephone and Telegraph Co. List of Subscribers, September 1, 1894