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Plays, "Whirl-I-Gig".
Plays, "Hoity Toity".
Proctor's 125th St, June 27, '06.
Ted Marks' Big Sunday Concert, Grand Opera House, New York.
Theatre, Wallack's & Palmer's B'way & 30th Street.
Theatrical, Stage Hands, for Various Plays at Various Theatres.
Hammerstein's Olympia.
Plays, "The Toast of the Town".
Theatrical, Castle Square Opera Co.
Theatre, Belasco, 42nd St. Old Republic Theatre.
Theatre, Lyric, 42nd St. & Bet. 7th & 8th Aves.
Theatre, Hamilton, Broadway & 146th Street.
Building, Automatic Vaudeville & interiors (48 East 14th Street).
Plays, "Twelfth Night".
Theatrical, Ned Wayburn's Rehearsal 'Town Topics'.
Hammerstein's Olympia Theatre.
Theaters, Freeman's Theatre.
Theatrical, Rehearsals, Various Plays and Actors.
Theatre, West End. Weber & Fields Sole Owners.
Plays, "Twiddle-Twaddle".
Theatrical, Arabian Acrobats on Roof of Hammerstein's Victoria.
Theatrical, Stage Hands, for Various Plays at Various Theatres.
Plays, "The Winter's Tale".
Plays, "Hokey Pokey".
Theatre, Grand Street, Jacob P. Adler.
Theatre, Manhattan, Sixth Avenue & 33rd Street.
Grand Street Settlement House, Shop Crafts: Boat Shaping.
People's Baths, Milbank Memorial.
Case No. 25,745 on the Society Blotter: Annie Wolff, aged seven years, as she was driven forth by her cruel step-mother, beaten and starved; and as she appeared after six months in the Society's care.
New York Association for the Blind, Two Children at Table.
[Sketch of a woman with two children]
Org. Charity, Childrens Aid Society.
Old Man and Young Child
Children in Gotham Court "Sewing school at the agent's".
Paddling--Coney Island.
The Ponies, Coney Island, N. Y.
Palisades Amusement Park [Girl eating an ice cream cone.]
Schools, Free Industrial School.
[Children playing by the Maine Monument.]
Christian Herald Children's Home.
The Attack on the "Home Guard."
Schools, Public School Roof on Clinton Street.
Clothes of Schoolchildren [Boy holding a jacket.]
Interior, 115 E. 101st St., Childrens' Sunday School Class.
Schools, Montessori.
Cooling Off Under a W.P.A. Constructed Spray Shower.
Clothes of Schoolchildren [Girl wearing a hat.]
Safe from the Cop in West Side playground.
The Lighthouse, Eye Test for Child Suspected of Going Blind.
Children at the bear's pit.