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Browsing at Second Hand Bookstalls, Ninth Street and Fourth Avenue.
Washington Square Bookshop, 17 West 8th Street
[Surma Book & Music Co., 11 East 7th Street.]
[B. Dalton Bookseller, 396 Sixth Avenue.]
[East Side Bookstore, 34 St. Mark's Place.]
Mosk's Book Store.
Rockefeller Center. Librairie de France, interior
Columbia University [Crowded bookstore.]
East 59 St. NY City
Erastus H. Pease Sabbath School Depository School Books Bookstore.
Boy reading comics in front of newspaper store, west side of Madison Avenue between 96th and 97th Streets
Culture on the Step
An Epoch
Night Clubs- Copa Showgirls [Showgirl reading backstage.]
[Theodore Roosevelt reading.]
A Dog's Life in the Big City [Woman reading in bed with dogs.]
Leonard Bernstein [Leonard Bernstein reading in bed.]
Montgomery Clift - Glamour Boy in Baggy Pants [Montgomery Clift reading in bed.]
Walter Cartier, Prizefighter of Greenwich Village [Walter Cartier eating in a restaurant.]
Life and Love on the New York City Subway [Man sleeping on a subway.]
The 5 and 10 [Boy reading comics in Woolworth's.]
Show Girl [Rosemary Williams reading.]
Subway Reader
[People reading in Bryant Park.]
[Charles Scribner's Sons Building, 597 Fifth Avenue.]
27 Coenties Slip. Consumers  Book Co-op. Miss Saunders, Manageress.
Library, Book Lovers Library.
Sample Room of the International Art Publishing Co.
P. Lewis & Co. secondhand book store
Hotel Biltmore, Library.
People Mugging [Book seller with customer.]
Reading room, NYPL
Charles Lawrence
Life and Love on the New York City Subway [Men sleeping on a subway.]
At the Forrest & McCready row, Astor Place.