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West 42nd Street. Apollo Theatre.
West 42nd St.
["Macbeth" theater still.]
["Bent" theater still.]
["Take a Chance" theater still.]
["Bent" theater still.]
["Bent" theater still.]
Apollo Theatre, Times Sq. Theatre, Lyric Theatre and Republic Theatre
[Unidentified actress in "Manhattan Mary".]
[Suzanne Fleming in "Manhattan Mary".]
"God of Vengeance"
[Mary Farley as Diana Day in "Manhattan Mary".]
[Ethel Merman as Wanda Brill in "Take a Chance".]
[Madge Kennedy as Poppy McGargle in "Poppy".]
[Mae Clark as Viola Fay in "Manhattan Mary".]
[Marietta Canty in "George White's Scandals".]
[Ethel Merman as Wanda Brill singing "Eadie Was a Lady" in "Take a Chance".]
[Ethel Merman as Wanda Brill in "Take a Chance".]
[Lionel Barrymore in the title role of "Macbeth".]
[Chorus girls of "Flying High".]
[Jacob Ben-Ami in "Johannes Kreisler".]
[Kate Smith as Pansy Sparks in "Flying High".]
[Richard Gere as Max and David Dukes as Horst in "Bent".]
[Rudolph Schildkraut in "God of Vengeance".]
[Julia Arthur as Lady Macbeth in "Macbeth".]

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