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William Auerbach-Levy (1889-1964) 
[Steve Cochran as Juarez and Mae West in the title role of "Diamond Lil".]
[Antony Vorno as Stanislas and Collen Dewhurst as The Queen in "The Eagle Has Two Heads".]
[Gérard Philipe as Lorenzo de Medicis in "Lorenzaccio".]
The Heroes #9 Col. Andre Malraux
[Basil Rathbone as Cassius in "Julius Caesar".]
[Woman with a fly swatter and other pest control products in store window.]
[Basil Rathbone as Cassius in "Julius Caesar".]
[Gypsy Rose Lee and Bobby Clark in "Star and Garter".]
[Joan Hackett, Alvin Ailey, and Robert Duvall in "Call Me by My Rightful Name".]
[Paul Muni as George Simon in "Counsellor-at-Law".]
[Jesse Royce-Landis as Lucinda Storm and Otto Kruger as Aaron Storm in "Little A".]
[Florence Rogge, choreographer of "Virginia", and Gene Snyder, choreographer of "At Home Abroad".]
[Joseph Downing as Bumps Malone, Fraye Gilbert as Helen Barton, and Mary McCormack as Mary Malone in "Cross-town".]
["Marguerite and Armand".]
[Ruth Draper.]
[Unidentified performer and Tammy Grimes as Molly Tobin in "The Unsinkable Molly Brown".]
[Charles Goldner as Maestro Gallo and Jeanmaire as Lisette Gervais in "The Girl in Pink Tights".]
[Ralph Bellamy as Detective McLeod and unidentified actor in "Detective Story".]
[Chic Johnson, Denise Darcel, and Ole Olsen in "Pardon Our French".]
[Yul Brynner as The King of Siam and Gertrude Lawrence as Anna Leonowens in "The King and I".]
[Unidentified man.]
[Balinese dancers Ni Gusti Raka and Sampih.]
["Icetime of 1948".]
[Emmett Kelly.]
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