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Water Pipe Section
["Marie Antoinette" theater still.]
[Boy writing on a chalkboard.]
Black on Yellow Background
Mission: Graffiti [Page in Daze's black book.]
[Page in ERO's piece book.]
[Page in TRUE's black book.]
[Page in ERO's black book.]
The Arrival [Page in Nico BTW's black book.]
Inside Frank Wechsler [Page from Daze's sketchbook.]
Hoods. LA Crips [Page in ERO's sketchbook.]
Believe Me When I Tell You Life Will Not Break Your Heart It Will Crush It! [Page in Delta II's piece book.]
[Page in TCW's black book.]
[Page in ERO's black book.]
Venerable Intruders [Torn page in Sharp's black book.]
[Page in ERO's black book.]
Transit Invasion Crew! Blight 2 [Page in Reas's black book.]
[Page in Shaker 179's black book.]
BEIM [Page in ERO's black book.]
IRS Ryski Barry B [Page in graffiti sketchbook.]
[Page in TDS's black book.]
Brian [Page in sketchbook owned by TRC and Delta II.]
SACER [Page in DAR TRC's black book.]
Crazy DAR Returns [Page in TRC's piece book.]