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[Stationery store window, signs for "Automobile, Bicycle Road, City and State Maps", valentines, "Robert L. Bracklow, Successor to R.G. Hutchinson at bottom of window]
Alexander Hamilton's 13 Trees
[Portrait of four children]
Replica of the Clermont
[Theater advertisements posted over storefronts]
[Policeman in front of monument entitled "Defeat of Slander"]
[Portrait of four children]
[Photographer with tripod set-up]
Fire Island Beach, Long Island [bird's-eye view]
In the Gully Looking Out [Winter scene in the park]
[Building detail, Duque, "Printing, Developing, and Retouching Done for Amateurs"]
[American House, possibly located in Pittsfield, Massachusetts]
[Unidentified residence in winter, elevated railway at left]
[Statue of militiaman]
Passengers on the Clermont, Hudson-Fulton Celebration
Half Moon in procession, Hudson-Fulton Celebration
[Photographer with tripod set up in wooded area]
Fort Wadsworth Barracks
[Still life]
[Photographer setting up his camera in front of an automobile]
[Street scene with refuse dump and horse cart]
[National Bank building with horse carriages out front.]
Exterior of Residential Row of Houses
Birthplace of Morse
[Unidentified semi-rural clapboard house with girl in front]
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