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Look magazine 
Jackie Robinson, Brooklyn Dodgers
Street Conversations [Two men shaking hands on the street.]
Park Benches - Love is Everywhere [Couple flirting on a fire escape.]
Columbia University [Three men in an industrial space.]
Shoe Shine Boy [Mickey and a friend buying hot dogs.]
Circus [Children running along train tracks.]
Paddy Wagon [Man with welding equipment used in the making of the television show Paddy Wagon.]
Palisades Amusement Park [Children looking at a roller coaster.]
Street Conversations [Woman walking down the street.]
Betsy Von Furstenberg [On a swing.]
Vaughn Monroe [Monroe on sidewalk.]
Columbia University [Students talking in a stairway.]
Palisades Amusement Park [Roller coaster.]
How People Look to Monkeys [Crowd looking at a monkey in a cage.]
Shoe Shine Boy [Mickey climbing a fence.]
Show Girl [Rosemary reading music in bed.]
Boxing [at the] Police Athletic League [Two boys boxing.]
Johnny on the Spot; Johnny Grant's wire-recorded adventures in New York City [Johnny Grant climbing through a window.]
Columbia University [Students drawing a nude in art class.]
Circus [Trapeze artists.]
Betsy Von Furstenberg [With friends.]
Columbia University [Students hugging.]
Mrs. Farrington at the Stork Club [Mrs. Farrington performing on stage.]
Vaughn Monroe [Band member playing the clarinet.]
Peter Arno [Arno at the bar with a woman.]
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