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Main photographer
George Grantham Bain (1865-1944) 
[Marine band, City Hall.]
Mrs. Clark Fisher & Her Home.
[Indians in New York's 4th of July parade.]
[4th of July Parade.]
[Wreathing Franklin Statue.]
[Reviewing 4th of July Parade.]
[Junior patriots decorate Hale Statue.]
[J. G. Phelps Stokes speaking on East Side.]
[U.S. Marines & Artillery.]
[China in New York, 4th of July Parade, New York.]
[China in New York, 4th of July Parade.]
[Fourth of July Parade.]
Taken 20 seconds after bomb thrown.
[Junior patriots at Fraunces Tavern.]
Petrosino in Heaquarters Italian Police Squad
Berkman, Union Sq, May 1, '08
[W. A. Mattison reading the Declaration of Independence.]
Inspector Moses Cortwright.
[Chas W. Morse taken handcuffed to the tombs.]
[Anne Morgan & Harriet Alexander in coach, Magnet.]
[Suffrage meeting.]
[Suffrage meeting.]