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The City Museum holds an exceptional collection of hand fans, which comprises more than 700 objects dating from the 18th century through the 1920s and includes examples of painted, printed, brisé, and folding feather fans, as well as hand screens. This selection of fans, digitized with the assistance of the Fan Association of North America (FANA), maps a material history of opulent tastes and luxuries. The Museum is also grateful to FANA for their input on developing cataloging guidelines and additions to the lexicon specific to fans. 

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Folding fan of painted silk leaf
Folding fan of printed paper with original box
Folding fan of black Chantilly lace leaf
Folding feather fan in aqua ostrich
Folding fan of engraved and hand-tinted paper leaf
Printed advertising fan issued by Cowperthwait's
Folding fan of white lace
Brisé feather fan of swirling down feathers
Folding brisé fan of painted silk leaves
Fan with moth motif
Fixed feathered fan of turkey and marabou
Brisé fan of pierced ivory with original box
Bouquet fan of printed and painted paper leaf and feathers
Fixed fan of whole, flattened, taxidermied wood duck
Fixed fan of pink Moluccan cockatoo feathers
Folding fan of double chicken-skin leaf
Folding fan of painted skin leaf
Mandarin pattern fan
Folding fan of white gauze leaf and carved ivory portrait of George Washington
Folding fan of painted paper leaf
Folding feathered fan of iridescent hummingbird feathers
Folding fan of painted parchment leaf
Ivory brisé puzzle fan with four alternating scenes of couples and landscapes
Brisé fan of hand-painted cream silk petal blades
Fan of tan silk palmettes with painted floral design
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