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"Prairie dress" in floral printed cotton with linen machine wheel lace insertion
Dress in fuchsia, yellow and indigo boteh design printed on white Indian cotton voile
Evening ensemble in geometric printed cotton velveteen, comprising cloak and dress
Romper-style playsuit with printed blue flowers and grey kittens on white ground, with sash
Dress of black wool with belt
Suit in tan wild Indian silk
Minidress of bright pink crepe with white crepe sleeves
Suit in beige silk shantung comprising suit and jacket
Evening dress of blue paisley and gold striped woven chiffon, with belt
Day ensemble of white silk twill with abstract floral pattern executed in irregularly shaped navy dots
Suit in black silk and nylon cloque, comprising jacket and skirt
Evening ensemble of bodice and skirt in black satin with jet bead trim
Dinner dress in light brown cotton organdy with floral embroidery overall
Evening ensemble comprising overblouse and skirt in pink and white twill with confection beading
"Noh" jacket and "Panung" style skirt in green and blue novelty wool
Suit with jacket and skirt in black wool pile
Ensemble comprising jacket, skirt and overblouse in hand-loomed wool chevron twill
"Noh" jacket and skirt in double-faced charcoal grey and light grey wool melton
Suit ensemble comprising bolero jacket and skirt
Day ensemble in black, brown, white, rose, and green knit wool
Suit in magenta and violet mohair bouclé
Dress in cadmium orange wool jersey with orange leather belt
Suit comprising jacket in cream wool crepe twill and skirt in bright red wool crepe
Evening dress with overall black beads
Day ensemble comprising coordinating suede coat and houndstooth dress
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