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"Kiddush Hashem"
"The Big Winner"
"The Big Winner"
"True Power"
"True Power"
Menasha Skulnik as the Scotchman from Orchard Street in the new Yiddish Musical "Just My Luck"
"Shylock and His Daughter"
"Shylock and His Daughter"
"Jankele". "Oj wet mich der Reby schmeisen" ["Oh, Will The Rabbi Spank Me". Music for "Yankele".]
"The Shattered Souls"
"A Heim, A Heim" ["Homeward, Homeward". Music for "A Night of Love".]
"The Power of Nature"
"Lucky Days"
Leo Fuchs, Ludwig Satz, Aaron Lebedeff, Dinah Halpern, Jack Rechtzeit in "The Golden Land" at Public Theatre, 2nd Avenue at 4th St.
"My White Flower"
"The World Trembles"
"Here Runs The Bride"
"I Love You" [Music for "Garden Of Love".]
"Jenke" [Music for "Some Girl!".]
"I Am a Mother" [Music for "Her Great Secret".]
["The Jolly Cantor" poster hanging on bookshelf.]
"In My Eyes You're Beautiful" [Music for "The Love Thief".]
"A Shepherd's Dream" [Music for "The Lost Sheep".]
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