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Posters and Patriotism 

Posters and Patriotism 

This selection of images from the World War I poster collection donated to the Museum by railroad executive and financier John W. Campbell (1880-1957) in 1943, is representative of many shown in Posters and Patriotism: Selling World War I in New York. When the United States entered World War I in April 1917, New York City's artists and illustrators were enlisted in the war effort. Many of them worked for the federal government’s new Division of Pictorial Publicity, and created these images to stir the American public to wartime loyalty, duty, and sacrifice. 

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Posters and Patriotism 
A Wonderful Opportunity for You -- United States Navy
Remember Belgium
Lest We Perish
I Am Telling You
Don't Let Them Die - You Can Save Them
After the Welcome Home - A Job!
For United America Division for Foreign Born Women
Treat 'em Rough
Every Girl Pulling for Victory
I Want You for U.S. Army
Left Behind in Serbia
Eat More Eat Less
The Hun-his Mark
Keep These off the U.S.A.
Will you help the Women of France? Save Wheat
Third Liberty Loan Campaign
Tell That to the Marines!
Are You 100% American? Prove It!
That Liberty Shall Not Perish from the Earth
War Savings Stamps
War Savings Stamps
War Savings Stamps
War Savings Stamps
War Savings Stamps
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