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["Miracle of the Warsaw Ghetto" theater still.]
[Anna Teitelbaum as Mirele in "The Witch".]
[Hershel Gendel and other performers in "Aristocrats", adapted from Sholem Aleichem's "Mentshn".]
[Lazar Fried in "The Tenth Commandment".]
[Jacob Ben-Ami in "Miracle of the Warsaw Ghetto".]
[Jacob Ben-Ami backstage, for Peretz Hirschbein's "Forsaken Nook".]
[Michael Gorrin and A. Cohen in "Clinton Street".]
[Belle Didjah in "Dudele".]
[Avrum Horowitz and Michael Goldstein as two young gangsters in "Clinton Street".]
[Theater still of an unidentified production.]
[Fela Biro and other performers in "Aristocrats", adapted from Sholem Aleichem's "Mentshn".]
[Judith Abarbanel.]
[Belle Didjah in "Gypsy Blonde".]
[Belle Didjah performing.]
["Monish" still.]
[A scene in hell in "The Tenth Commandment".]
[Dora Weissman as a Spanish dancer.]
[David Kessler as Yankel Shapshovitch in Sholom Asch's "God of Vengeance".]
[Berta Gersten in a prizewinning dress constructed entirely from the Yiddish newspaper "Der Tog" for costume ball.]
[Berta Gersten.]
["Green Fields" theater still.]
["Green Fields" theater still.]
[Jacob Ben-Ami holding a gun over Berta Gersten in "The Verdict".]
[Bella Bellarina in an unidentified production.]
[Vilna Troupe.]
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