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Yiddish Theater 

Yiddish Theater 

The City Museum holds a major collection related to theatrical productions performed or originated on New York's Yiddish stage. Highlights include works translated into Yiddish and performances of works originally written in Yiddish but translated into English. The collection also includes information on performances around the United States, in Europe, and in South America. 

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["Miracle of the Warsaw Ghetto" theater still.]
[Anna Teitelbaum as Mirele in "The Witch".]
[Hershel Gendel and other performers in "Aristocrats", adapted from Sholem Aleichem's "Mentshn".]
[Lazar Fried in "The Tenth Commandment".]
[Jacob Ben-Ami in "Miracle of the Warsaw Ghetto".]
[Jacob Ben-Ami backstage, for Peretz Hirschbein's "Forsaken Nook".]
[Michael Gorrin and A. Cohen in "Clinton Street".]
[Belle Didjah in "Dudele".]
[Avrum Horowitz and Michael Goldstein as two young gangsters in "Clinton Street".]
[Theater still of an unidentified production.]
[Fela Biro and other performers in "Aristocrats", adapted from Sholem Aleichem's "Mentshn".]
[Judith Abarbanel.]
[Belle Didjah in "Gypsy Blonde".]
[Belle Didjah performing.]
["Monish" still.]
[A scene in hell in "The Tenth Commandment".]
[Dora Weissman as a Spanish dancer.]
[David Kessler as Yankel Shapshovitch in Sholom Asch's "God of Vengeance".]
[Berta Gersten in a prizewinning dress constructed entirely from the Yiddish newspaper "Der Tog" for costume ball.]
[Berta Gersten.]
["Green Fields" theater still.]
["Green Fields" theater still.]
[Jacob Ben-Ami holding a gun over Berta Gersten in "The Verdict".]
[Bella Bellarina in an unidentified production.]
[Vilna Troupe.]
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