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Jacob A. Riis 

Jacob A. Riis 

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Jacob A. Riis 
Court at No. 24 Baxter Street.
Organized Charity. Night Messenger Service.
Women's Lodging Room in Eldridge Street Police Station.
An All-Night Two-Cent Restaurant, in "The Bend".
North Brother Island--"The coffin corner".
2 a.m. in the delivery room in the "Sun" office.
Two Greek children in Gotham Court debating if Santa Claus will get to their alley or not. He did.
The Mott Street Boys, "Keep off the Grass".
[Lower East Side Street Scene.]
[Thompson Street, bird's eye view.]
The Same Street when Colonel Waring wielded the Broom.
A Tammany-swept East Side Street before Col. Waring's Day.
The 'Soup House Gang' Class in History in the Duane Street Newsboys' Lodging House.
The only Bath-tub in the Block: it hangs in the Air Shaft.
Athletic meets in Crotona Park.
Main Entrance of Public School 153 Bronx.
Paper bags.
The Riverside Tenements in Brooklyn.
Public School 167 in the Bronx, Main Entrance.
Public School 175 in the Bronx, Jerome Avenue north of 184th Street.
[Children tending to the garden.]
Shanty town.
Morris High School in the Bronx from the Front, South west
Mulbery Bend Park taken in 1900.
[Mulberry Street.]
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