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"Slept in that cellar four years."
Shine, sir?
A "Scrub" and her Bed -- the Plank.
Men's lodging room in West 47th Street Station.
Necktie workshop in a Division Street tenement.
[Well-dressed man being thrown into jail.]
[Mulberry Street.]
[Lower East Side Street Scene.]
Two Greek children in Gotham Court debating if Santa Claus will get to their alley or not. He did.
Public School 167 in the Bronx, Main Entrance.
Paper bags.
The Survival of the Unfittest.
The Short Tail Gang (Corlears Hook) Pier at foot of Jackson Street, now Corlears Hook Park. Photographed from the Police Boat.
Talmud School in a Hester Street Tenement.
Athletic meets in Crotona Park.
Prayer time in the nursery, Five Points House of Industry.
A Downtown "Morgue."
The Mott Street Boys, "Keep off the Grass".
Court at No. 24 Baxter Street.
North Brother Island--"The coffin corner".
The 'Soup House Gang' Class in History in the Duane Street Newsboys' Lodging House.
I Scrubs. Katie, who keeps house in West Forty-ninth Street.
An Italian Home under a Dump.
Bandits' Roost - a Mulberry Bend Alley.
The Church Street Station Lodging-room, in which I [Jacob A. Riis] was robbed.
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