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Betsy Von Furstenberg [Dancing at a party.]
Johnny on the Spot; Johnny Grant's wire-recorded adventures in New York City [Johnny Grant climbing through a window.]
Columbia University [Students drawing a nude in art class.]
Peter Arno [Arno and a woman at a bar.]
Columbia University [Professor working with bright light.]
Betsy Von Furstenberg [Shopping.]
Vaughn Monroe [Band member playing the clarinet.]
Palisades Amusement Park [Amusement ride.]
Shoe Shine Boy [Mickey and a friend walking down the street.]
Circus [Man with tattoos and body modification.]
Shoe Shine Boy [Mickey bringing laundry to the laudromat.]
Shoe Shine Boy [Mickey climbing a fence.]
People Mugging [Portrait of a man on the street.]
Palisades Amusement Park [Children at a carnaval game.]
Boxing [at the] Police Athletic League [Two boys boxing.]
Street Conversations [Woman walking down the street.]
Peter Arno [Arno, in bed, looking through newspapers.]
Columbia University [Students in a bar.]
People Mugging [Man smoking a cigar.]
Columbia University [Student carrying a stack of books down stairs.]
Rosemary Williams, Show Girl [Kubrik photographing Rosemary Williams.]
Betsy Von Furstenberg [At a restaurant.]
Street Conversations [Two men talking.]
Peter Arno [Arno and a woman in a restaurant.]
Shoe Shine Boy [Portrait of Mickey and a friend.]
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