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Stanley Kubrick 

Stanley Kubrick 

Between 1945 and 1950, Stanley Kubrick worked as a staff photographer for LOOK magazine. He was not yet Kubrick, the famous film director; he was just Stanley, the kid from the Bronx with an uncanny photographic sensibility. Only 17 years old when he joined the magazine’s ranks, he was by far its youngest photographer. Kubrick often turned his camera on his native city, drawing inspiration from the variety of personalities that populated its spaces. Photographs of nightclubs, street scenes, and sporting events were amongst his first published images, and in these assignments, Kubrick captured the pathos of ordinary life in a way that belied his young age. The Museum’s collection contains 129 of Kubrick’s assignments for the magazine, encompassing more than 15,000 individual images, the vast majority of them never published. 

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Stanley Kubrick 
Children- What they do when mothers are shopping [Child, in carriage, with her mother in the supermarket.]
Columbia University [Student carrying a stack of books down stairs.]
Peter Arno [Arno and a man, in formal wear.]
People Mugging [Man smoking a cigar.]
Betsy Von Furstenberg [In front of a magnolia tree.]
Betsy Von Furstenberg [Climbing a tree.]
Columbia University [Group of students.]
Columbia University [Dwight Eisenhower.]
Shoe Shine Boy [Mickey getting pigeons out of a cage.]
Shoe Shine Boy [Mickey and other children on the sidewalk.]
Vaughn Monroe [Monroe on sidewalk.]
Betsy Von Furstenberg [On a swing.]
Show Girl [Rosemary Williams walking down the street.]
Columbia University [Students in a bar.]
Columbia University [Andy Coakley, baseball coach, with players in the background.]
Palisades Amusement Park [Children looking at a roller coaster.]
Park Benches - Love is Everywhere [Couple flirting on a fire escape.]
Paddy Wagon [Man with welding equipment used in the making of the television show Paddy Wagon.]
Street Conversations [Two men shaking hands on the street.]
Shoe Shine Boy [Mickey and a friend buying hot dogs.]
Columbia University [Three men in an industrial space.]
Arthur Godfrey [Horse show jumping.]
Street Conversations [Group of men talking on the street.]
Boxing [at the] Police Athletic League [Two boys boxing.]
Street Conversations [Three women talking on the street.]
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