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Stanley Kubrick 

Stanley Kubrick 

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Stanley Kubrick 
Mrs. Farrington at the Stork Club [Mrs. Farrington performing on stage.]
Faye Emerson [Performing on stage.]
Astor Hotel [People in the entry way of the Astor Hotel.]
Museum of Modern Art [Art installations.]
Museum of Modern Art [Staff member standing on a ladder.]
Arthur Godfrey [Horse show jumping.]
Arthur Godfrey [Godfrey golfing.]
Vaughn Monroe [Band member playing the clarinet.]
Vaughn Monroe [Woman reading Billboard magazine.]
Peter Arno [Arno at the bar with a woman.]
Peter Arno [Arno and a woman in a restaurant.]
Peter Arno [Arno and a man, in formal wear.]
Peter Arno [Arno and a woman at a bar.]
Peter Arno [Arno, in bed, looking through newspapers.]
Palisades Amusement Park [Girl eating an ice cream cone.]
Vaughn Monroe [Monroe on sidewalk.]
Children's Book Tryouts [Three boys sitting on chairs.]
Park Benches - Love is Everywhere [Couple kissing in a stairway.]
Park Benches - Love is Everywhere [Couple flirting on a fire escape.]
Park Benches - Love is Everywhere [Couple kissing in an alleyway.]
Columbia University [Professor working with bright light.]
Columbia University [Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower.]
Columbia University [Students talking in a stairway.]
Columbia University [Students hugging.]
Columbia University [Students in a bar.]
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